Here's video of a couple of my flights at Turkey Shoot '99. Click on the filename to view it in your browser, or right-click the filename to save it to your local hard drive.

Ariel, I161 (MPEG, 19 seconds, 2.6mb)

Endeavour, I284 (MPEG, 32 seconds, 4.4mb)

(These next three videos were shot by my buddy Steve)

Here's a video of my first dual-deployment flight. The rocket's name is Scratch-N-Sniff. It is 2.6" in diameter and about 5.5 ft. tall. I used a MissileWorks RRC2 altimeter, which worked flawlessly. Indicated altitude was 3,292 ft.

Scratch-N-Sniff, I161 (MPEG, 1:26, 18.3mb)

Here's a video of my PML Endeavour flying on a J350 for a successful Level 2 Certification attempt!

Endeavour, J350 (MPEG, 1:00, 12.6mb)

Here's a video of the first flight of my upscaled Estes Citation Patriot. It flew on an I211 and recovered on it's hand-made red, white and blue parachute

Citation Patriot, I211 (MPEG, 48 sec, 10.2mb)

Video clips now available in RealMedia format

Starting with this batch of video clips, I'll also include a file in RealMedia format for you low-bandwidth surfers. If there's enough interest, I might eventually go back and do the previous videos in RealMedia. If there's a particular clip you've avoided downloading because of the filesize, email me and I'll convert it.

(The following videos were shot by my buddy James.)

This is a clip of a drag race between me and my buddy Scott. We flew our Endeavours on a couple of J350s. See if you can tell who won :-)

Endeavour Drag Race (52 sec): MPEG (7.2mb) RealMedia (1.4mb)

Here's a clip of my 4" Goblin upscale at SpringFest 2001. I flew him on an I200, and you can see the fin flutter in the smoke trail.

Goblin, I200 (53 sec): MPEG (7.3Mmb) RealMedia (1.4mb)

Here's a clip of Scratch-N-Sniff at NSL 2001 in Utah. I flew him on a Kosdon I130 to 4,139 ft.

Scratch-N-Sniff, I130 (45 sec): MPEG (6.3mb) RealMedia (1.2mb)

Here's a clip of my ScotGlas Talon-3 which I flew on a Kosdon J450 to 3,888 ft. at NSL 2001. Don't blink!

Talon-3, J450 (33 sec): MPEG (4.6mb) RealMedia (950k)
(note: contains mild expletive)

Here is my buddy Scott's L3 flight. I'm putting it on my website because he doesn't have one of his own. On May 12, 2001, he flew his Ultimate Endeavour on a Kosdon M1130 for a perfect Level 3 Certification! Congratulations Scott!

Scott's L3 (3:06 min): MPEG (25.5mb) RealMedia (4.6mb)