NASA Photos

Some of my favorite photos from the NASA Photo Archive:

The launch of Apollo 11, the flight that took the first men to the Moon. I have a poster similar to this image hanging on my wall.


The Earth as it appeared to the Apollo 11 crew as they rounded the Moon on their first orbit. I also have a poster of this on my wall.

Man on the Moon
My Grandfather was involved with the Viking mission to Mars, so I've always held a certain fascination for this project since childhood.
An excellent launch photo of the Shuttle, in this case Endeavour on mission STS-47, on September 12, 1992.



The Nike-Hercules is one of my favorite missiles. This particular Nike-Herc sits in front of Robert Goddard Middle School in Littleton, CO.


Houston Space Center

Here's some of the pics I took on my tour of Space Center Houston/Johnson Space Center in the summer of 1999

Taken from the tram on the way to Johnson Space Center. Even from way back here, you can see how the Saturn V dwarfs the Redstone and Little Joe rockets in the background.
Photo taken by Steve Deininger
Me standing by the massive F1 engine. The Saturn V used five of these engines, each delivering 1.5 million pounds of thrust.
Photo taken by Steve Deininger
Me again, standing behind the Saturn V. "Massive" doesn't even begin to describe this thing. I think "sublime" is an appropriate word. You have to actually stand next to one of these monstrosities to appreciate just how big it is.
Here you can see the giant fuel tank for the third stage.
Replica of Alan Shepard's Mercury-Redstone rocket that carried him on his brief, 15-minute trip into space on May 5, 1961.
Little Joe II, the vehicle used to test the Saturn V's launch escape system.


Mace Surface-to-Surface Missile
This missile sits in Belleview Park in Englewood, Colorado. The "emblem" under the wings is the Englewood city emblem.