No rocketry web page would be complete without the obligatory list of links. Here's my own compilation.

Rocketry Online is the best online rocketry resource

Get connected with the online rocketry newsgroup. I use since it's free: forum: rec.models.rockets

I have ordered from these companies and they all have great prices and great service:

Here's links to some of the manufacturers of the kits I enjoy building:







AeroTech makes most of the rocket motors we use

Components, electronics, custom services. Just about everything you need from MissileWorks (I bought my first altimeter from them, too)

Apogee Components sells a really neat rocket simulation program called "RockSim"

Pete Alway is the master of scale rocketry. He sells some great publications through his company Saturn Press

I get all of the decals for my Upscales and Clones from Tango Papa

Here are the rocketry clubs and organizations I belong to and support:

Tripoli Rocketry Association, the national high-power organization

The National Association of Rocketry


Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists:

Tripoli Colorado:

Tripoli Rocky Mountains:

Here's some of my favorite pages run by other rocketeers:

Check out my buddy Steve's page. He has pics of rockets, wildlife, and other stuff.

Yitah's BAR Page - Where I stole- er, I mean, BORROWED the idea of an upscale Estes Goblin

Jeff's Rocketry Home on the Web - Inspired me to try my certification on my V.B. Javelin

The Pitzeruse Page - Inspired me to make an upscale Estes Patriot.

John Coker's Rocketry Pages - Very well-done page with lots of photos and construction reports.

Jim Z.'s Plans Site - Loaded with scans of instructions and decals of old, discontinued kits from Estes and Centuri and other manufacturers. This is where we get ideas for building clones and upscales.