An informal, very hands-on facilitated study-group that meets each week to explore and experiment with the basic stuph of Linux.

When and Where does LinuxFun happen?

We meet every other week, either Thursday 6PM at PARSEC or Saturday 10PM at my house.

Who can I contact for more information?

LinuxFun mailing list

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David L. Willson, Facilitator

(720) 333-LANs
DLWillson at The Geek N U

Paul Bille, Instructor: C Programming, Scheduling & Groupware Specialist

John Little, Facilitator, Enthusiast

Rita Gibson, Enthusiast

Keith Hellman, Instructor: BASH Scripting

Matt Gushee, Instructor: Python Programming

Todd Williams, Instructor: Perl Programming

Doug ?, Enthusiast

Dave(x2,3?) ?, Enthusiast

I would like this list to include everyone who has attended three or more times, and/or contributed in any way. I know I've forgotten people, because I can remember the faces, but I can't remember the names... If you are, or can think of, someone who should be listed here, please shoot me an email.